Reporter Frame IDs

Hi! We’re working on exporting reports from Reporter via the API. It looks like you need the Report ID and a Frame ID to be able to call a table of information. So we’re building a module that will contain user emails, report IDs, and Frame IDs, and then use a script to call the API, gather that information, pull the right report and frame, and then send a CSV of the data to a specific user.

I can get the report ID from the URL, but is there a way (besides crawling through the API) to find the Frame ID for a specific table? Is it tucked into the UI somewhere? Or maybe inspectable?

Thank You!

Each block in the reporter webapp should have the frameID baked in.
Best you check the cURL requests and go from there

@kenderson – When you figure this out, I would be interested if you can share …

@kmadsen - Well, we figured out that it was pretty messy…

Hitting the API and pulling the data out via a frame was fairly easy. The problem is that it doesn’t actually provide the data in the table…it appears to provide the entire datasource, which (since we were joining 5 different modules together) translated to >200 columns for us…when the end report should only be ~22 columns.

This is forcing us to pivot away from Corteza on the reporting side for now. We’re exploring piping Corteza data over to Teable, apitable, AITable, and a couple of others for our reporting needs.

That said, I love everything else about Corteza. So I’m hoping that this is an area that gets a little love in the near future and enables us to better embrace the OOTB product.