Reporter: Record Selector showing ID instead of Name

Hi! I’m working with Reporter for the first time, so forgive me if this is a noob question. I’ve built a report from a module that users record selectors as the types for a few fields. The report is currently displaying the recordID for those fields, versus the Name. Below is an example of what I see, and below that is snapshot of how one of the fields (account) is configured, which displays as intended in RecordLists elsewhere. Any guidance is greatly appreciated!

@jfortun - Apologies for the direct ping here, but you guys are usually super fast at responding…so I’m guessing that this may have gotten lost in the queue that probably built up around the Easter holiday. This one (and 2 other ones) are in our critical path for the use of reporting, so any thoughts you have here would be absolutely amazing!

The other 2 are;

I have limited time therefore I can only answer here when I’m free from other obligations.
Ff you’d like timely support I suggest you reach out to us for a support contract.

All values in reporter are “pure” that means exactly how they are saved in the database
Since record selectors/user values are ID’s you have to use the Join datasource to join based on the ID. Similar to database joins.

For the Clone/Duplicate Report, you can see on the right side that its has been scheduled for the 2023.9.x milestone.
That means it will come out sometime between now and 2024.9
If you need it more urgently, a support contract can expedite that process.

@jfortun - Totally fair, and I respect/appreciate the position.

Thanks for the quick response and guidance here.