Reporter - Unable to create data source

Challenge: I am unable to create a data source in reporter for any module that is connected to a data source with an external connection. As in, the data source for the module is not the Primary database.


  1. Navigate to Report builder
  2. Open a report
  3. Click Datasources
  4. +Add
  5. Source = Compose records
  6. Namespace = Select option - The namespace I’m using is present
  7. Module = The modules from that ns are listed.

When I select the module I receive an error:

  • “model {0 0 map[moduleID:3487311123… namespaceID:348731234…]} does not exist”

The moduleID and namespaceID are correct for the ns and module selected and they do exist.

Database connection for modules are a MySQL db.

Has anyone else experienced this challenge?

Version: 2023.3.4

Thank you.

Thanks for raising this, I will pass it along to the development team.
A question, do you experience any problems using a non external connection?

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Other than this item we have a great experience using the external connection.

There were tables, on the external connection, that we had to replace with views, that prefiltered the data, to improve performance when viewing record lists but other than that very happy.

Ok good to know, thanks.
The issue was created: Reporter, unable to create data source with external connections · Issue #1391 · cortezaproject/corteza · GitHub

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Thank you so much for the response and for creating the GitHub issue.