Reporting Namespace missing in updated Installation

Hi @ all,

we`re using an test instance. The instance is using the docker-compose with percona:8.0 as shown in the docs. Multi-Image MySQL :: Corteza Docs

This instance was updated from time to time (inital setup was 2019) to the newest version.
Currently VERSION=2022.9.4 is used in .env file.

domainname/version shows: {“response”:{“buildTime”:“2022-12-14T15:01:11Z”,“version”:“2022.9.4”}}

This instance does not show the reporting function on loginscreen like shown here in the docs:
Reporting :: Corteza Docs.

Is there a way to enable this function for upgraded instances afterwards?

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You can always check and modify the list of applications in the Admin Area/Applications

Someone might have disabled/deleted it, if so add a new one and make sure the URL points to /reporter



thx that worked fine. Reporter Service is now available!

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