Reports join return empty records

I am trying to create a report that joins values between two different modules.

The current modules I have are:
1- Printing orders
2- Request Confirm

The join is based on the printing order column, it’s added in the printing order module, and it’s a record selector in the other module, So the join is
[Printing order ID] → [Request confirm printing order column]

After creating the join, The created orders aren’t shown in the report.

But If I selected load reports for the two modules separately, the data is shown with no problem.

Can anyone can help me please ?

Make sure the primary column is the ID value from the first module.
And the secondary column is the record selector field in the second module.
Screenshots of the configuration of the join are also helpful.

I have made that, but the same problem still persists.

Below is the join configuration

Any way i could see the load table for both datasources? To see if the correct values are there.
You can just show the ID from the first and PrintingOrder from the second.
Also can you show me the configuration of the table that will be showing the join?

Here is an example report for Parents and children

You can see that it was joined based on the recordID of Parent record and the value of the Parent field(record selector) on the Child record

So in this case Primary Source is Parent, Primary Column is ID, Secondary Source is Child, Secondary Column is Parent field(record selector)

Below is the records that show the record IDs and orders from both modules.
The Load is the primary source, and the Request is the secondary source.

And below is the table that shows the join.

Everything seems ok configuration-wise.
Is Order a multi field?
Are there any errors in the console(F12)?

The version of Corteza would also help here

I figured out the problem.

After creating the datasource, I need to save first before proceed in creating the report.

The problem is now resolved.

That is true, this problem has been fixed on 2022.9.8 which will be released today.
When you’ll save datasources they will actually save, unlike before when you had to save the whole report.