Request to third paty REST API

I have a module for example employees. I want to populate data from third party API’s like

For this I am using Integration Gateway → Payload Processor.
Any example or code I can use as reference to call Get method.

Your help really appreciated.

Hi @kadmine ,

what did you already try and what did not work?
Have you checked the documentation at Examples :: Corteza Docs ?

That might help you, drop us a line if this doesn’t help.

Hi @peter

Thanks for your response.

I have tried to use these approaches:

  1. Corredor: Its configured but sample service I run is not getting populated in workflow → function
  2. Http Request:
    When I tried to use it by providing url, its start giving error on “:”
  3. In Payload Processor trying to fetch URL request but not javascript method I am getting I can use for example if I am trying to use http.get(“”) error got it is http method not found.

If you like I can share code also.

Hi @kadmine ,

advise to use Workflows instead of Corredor. You can still use Corredor, but we implemented Workflows with simplicity in mind (at least greater than Corredor :slight_smile: ).

Using integration gateways is for incoming requests, so for any webhooks or data that is sent into your Corteza, so this cannot be used for your case.

What you need to do is use the HTTP Request function and in the url field do make sure you use either quotes or tick off the expression toggle.

Thanks @peter for your reply, I resolved the issue with Corredor which I like also as it using external gRPC instance.