Running another container alongside corteza

Before Corteza, I hadd never used Docker before and I still find things quote daunting although I feel as though I am getting to grips with things.

I use another App on my computer called Trilium which is an open source app used for taking notes
I have found out that I can sync these notes to a server and that the server is also run via docker.

My question is this
I was following this tutorial

I have created a new folder in the same directory as my Corteza folder.
I then added the 2 yml files that the tutorial said to add.

I have never run 2 containers at the same time and I am slightly scared to do as.
Corteza is my main container and if anything was to disrupt that then I would veto it

So first off, I was just looking to make sure that having a separate folder with the new YML files, that it would not interfere with corteza?

docker swarm init i need to speciify an IP, the IP would be the same IP that corteza is runing on.
Again, I am keen to make sure that Swarm init and Traefik will not have a negative impact on Corteza

Sorry if this is off topic but just thought that Id best ask the Corteza experts since Corteza is my main concern, the other image would basically bea novelty.