"Save and close" button on Record page

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first of all great project! That’s exactly the thing that I was looking for for a long time.

So far I’ve created some simple low-code apps to familiarize with the environment, but I have a question about buttons on a Record page. When I open a record from the record list, then edit it and click on save I have no easy way to go back to the page with record list. There is a Back button, but this just uses a navigation history, so it first returns to the record editing mode and you have to use it several times.

Is there any possibility to add something like “Save and close” button on a record page?

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If you’re populating record lists inside a record page you can use inline record lists to simplify the process of adding multiple records at the same time.

If that doesn’t fit, what I usually tend to do is duplicate the current tab in which I use to spam create new records and then simply close it.

Then again, the idea of having native support for this sounds reasonable to me; @mia.arh @jfortun what do you think?

@tjerman Yes, I’ve tried to use the inline record list, but in my usecase I’m adding a child items to a parent record. Therefore, the inline record list works only if I click Edit on a parent. The add button is visible event without editing the Parent record and if I click that, then inline record list is not available, it goes straight into single Record page. I guess that hiding Add button when Parent record is not in Edit mode would also work, but I don’t see that option (i.e. if I disable the Add button, it disappears completly).

Of course, this is not a show stopper, just a little bit confusing :wink:

We have planned the improvement of the record toolbar for 2022.3. This includes:

  • A proper implementation of the back button
  • Adding save & close to the toolbar

Thank you for raising the issue and proposing a solution!

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@jfortun That’s fantastic! Thank you very much :smiley: