Send email when a contract or oppertunity has expired


i have a module contracts, that has an “expires” field, type date.

I would like to send out emails to the contracts owner, when a contract is close to expire and finally when it has expired.

Example: Contract expires on 1.10.2024, i would like to send out an email reminder on the 15.9.2024 and then after the 1.10.2024 when the contrcat hast not been prolonged.

I thought of workflows, but in my understanding they are triggerd if an event happens like adding a new record. I am looking more like a cron-job type the periodically performs checks.

So, is this possible?

Anyone having an idea?


it certainly is possible, you can check how to use cron syntax here: Interval :: Corteza Docs

So using an interval trigger you could loop all the records using an expression that would calculate the offset of your choice via these date functions: Expression Function Reference :: Corteza Docs

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Thank you, i will give it a try.