Sending emails of some records in a list

hello guys im new using corteza, can you help me?

i have a page with a few records and i would like to send those records via email to some contacts that i have in another list, but i dont know how

thank you

What you could consider doing is…

Define a compose record; on manual trigger for the module you’re using in the record list (Workflows :: Corteza Docs). The workflow could either use all of the records in that module (you can use the compose records iterator) or just the selected ones (you can use the items iterator with a compose record lookup function).

Add a button to the page either by using the automation page block in the page builder or by adding it directly to the record list page block in the automation tab.

Note if you’ll be adding the workflow to the page instead of the record list, you’ll need to use the compose page: on manual trigger (unless you’re adding it to the record page

As for getting the contact in a different module, you can again use the compose record lookup or the compose records search functions.

If you give us some more details in regards to how you determine what records you’d like to send over and to whom you’re sending it to, we can try and provide some more instructions/examles