Server local perypheries

Hi. Im totally new to Corteza, however iv got some experience with other no code/low code platforms. anyways, im trying to build a solution utilizing a perypherial reader connected directly to server. Could someone give my any hints on how to, through web ui, trigger particular bash command to run on the server ? or how to interact with such script or cli program, in a more interactive manner ?


I’ve never done this before so don’t quote me on it, but I think you should be able to run shell commands via node.js; so using an automation script could potentially work.
A potential issue I see here is that Corredor (built on node.js) runs in a Docker container.

Do give it a shot and update us with your findings; I’m sure others would also like to know

So i decided to build a simple api call on flask, to operate on the shell level.
Anyways, im stuck with workflows. available documentation doesnt get me nowhere. is there available anywhere any meaningfull tutorial how to use workflows ? i would like to get API response and procese it further, saving into separate module values, or at least check im some kind of debug log, whether http request is working correctly ?

Perhaps you could refer to this page.

An HTTP request function results look like this

so you can use status (the HTTP status code) and a gateway to validate if the request was ok (if your Flask API returns proper status codes).

Then, you can use the example linked above in combination with the body argument to parse (I’m assuming) the JSON, which you can then freely use.