Setting up phpPgAdmin

I installed phpPgAdmin in a Docker container on the same host as my corteza installation.

It seems to be running OK and found my corteza PostgreSQL server. However, the login (from the production-like instructions) says “login failed”. I can login just fine from the db container console, but I’d prefer the ease of use of phpxxAdmin while I explore the idea of creating my own view to solve some of my reporting issues.

So, what’s the proper way to use phpPgAdmin with Corteza? Or, what other development tools are people using?


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It should be usable like with any other instance.
Make sure the containers are on the same/reachable network, and credentials are fine, …
With what error did login fail?

PhpPgAdmin is working now. First of all, I needed to tell the PhpPgAdmin container what the IP address of the db container was (after making sure they were on the same network). Then, the problem was that I had used a down-rev version (dockage) that wasn’t compatible with PostgreSQL 15.