Setup dev environment

Hello, I am new to Corteza and so far I love what i see!
Right now I am struggeling a bit to set up a development environment without docker.
I am using ubuntu 20.02 on wsl.
Installed the correct go version and the make step is successfull.
The login screen opens but when I want to create the first user I see messages indicating that the tables are not there. Do I need to do this with the CLI? And if so, how do I get the CLI?

What Corteza version are you on (the branch name); 2022.9.x is currently unstable so perhaps best you start off with 2022.3.x.

Are you using MySQL or PostgreSQL databases?

The tables should be created when Corteza boots up for the first time; do you get any errors/warnings in the console?
In case you’re using SQLite, the data gets lost if there is an issue with the connections, so it’s possible that is the issue.

Thanks for your reply. I did use the sqlite. I will try it with postgresql and let you know if that works out