Shortcuts in CRM usage

Is there a way to jump fast from on recored in CRM accounts to the next. In standard it needs to many clicks to work in long lists.


You can navigate through different records with the pagination feature which is available on the page view as well as the modal view of a record. You can follow the steps below to enable the pagination.

  1. Corteza version 2023.3.0 or later is required, I recommend the latest version being 2023.3.5
  2. Toggle the Record list page block configurator modal
  3. Switch to the Record lis tab
  4. At Records section which is last section on the configurator modal
  5. Enable the Users will be able to navigate to previous/next record option

Viewing the record should now have the pagination navigation button enabled, which is on the toolbar. This applies to both the record page and modal view