Show Corteza: A POC Github Repo For Corredor Server

I’ve notice that a lot of people are struggling to set up corredor server.
I also struggled. In the end I got it working (after many hours of debugging and mucking around docker).

To save future community member time and sweat, I’ve created a github repository which enabled you to easily start up an instance of corteza with the corredor server running.

There’s an example corredor script that interacts with corteza compose.

Here’s a demo demo

Here’s the github repo GitHub - skamensky/corteza-minimal-corredor-setup

Enjoy and good luck!


As an update to those who are interested, this repo now includes a sample for a client-side script.



Hi thank you very much. It works!
One question @shmuel : for your experience, how hard is create a client side script with a form that get values and then update the record or pass these values to a workflow?

how do you plan to implement a custom form ?


I really don’t have much experience yet in Corteza. I’m just starting off :stuck_out_tongue: . Let me know if you figure that out and I’d be glad to hear about it!

Suppose that I’m in casa management.
I’m an operator that is managing a case.
When the operator is in case record page he click a button “REPLY TO CUSTOMER” that open a form.
In the form he can add the content of reply, and fill some others fields that are not identical to fields of case record, but are usefull to create a flow that in example send an email and update fields of the record.
Do you think this scenario is easily manageble with client script?

@simonetravaglini , it sounds like a workflow could handle what you need. There are prompts and form data manipulation abilities built into workflows.

In workflow you have a prompt function that allow you to ask only for 1 field, not multiple fields…

Ah, I didn’t know that. I guess you have a few options.

  1. Jump into custome vue components using corteza-js. I haven’t ever done that.
  2. Use multiple choice function with validation (so they can’t choose the ‘section’ parts). See image below.
  3. Create a module that contains all of the form data you want to collect, and press add a workflow to that record :man_shrugging: . That definitely doesn’t cover all bases.


it does seem like corteza isn’t particularly effective in custom UI yet.

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