Showing different column other recordID in reports

Hello Everyone!

I have created a report to group the users and count the lines. The user column the source module is a record selector (from a simple user module I created).

In the report I wanted to show user name not recordID.
I couldn’t find how to do that in documentation. I have been looking for a solution in the forum but no one seems to have encountered the same problem as me. I am doing something wrong ?

Thank you in advance for your help

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You could use a join over the grouped data and the user module.
That should allow you to pick whatever field you’d like.

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Thank you very much for your response ! It worked very well after I updated from 2022.3 to 2022.3.4.
I’m really fascinated with Corteza, such a powerful framework !

Will it be possible the upcoming version (2022.9 or later) to use sql queries to do : double join and eventually nested queries ?

Eventually yes to both.
2022.9.0 will most likely already provide a thing to support multiple joins. Nested queries will come later down the line (potentially in one of the 2022.9 patch releases but I can’t give any promises)

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