Sign up and login failed

Among the many different versions of the .env and yaml files in
the documentation for installing a local demo version
I used the ones shown in the attachment.

After installation, the login mask is displayed. After signup Corteza
branches directly to the login mask. Without message whether the signup
was successful or faulty. When entering the data of the signup in the login mask the page will be refreshed without login and without any further message! .

The entry in the log file shows:
{“log”:“10:43:52.381\u0009\u001b[34mINFO\u001b[0m\u0009monitor\u0009monitor/monitor.go:97\u0009tick\u0009{“alloc”: 7558264, “totalAlloc”: 581368096, “sys”: 39076872, “mallocs”: 5058592, “frees”: 4984717, “liveObjects”: 73875, “pauseTotalNs”: 18682354, “numGC”: 141, “numGoRoutines”: 23}\n”,“stream”:“stderr”,“time”:“2022-04-08T10:43:52.381702967Z”}

What is misconfigured in the installation files?


You are showing your docker-compose.yaml file here.
And it uses ${VERSION}. This version should come from somewhere else; .env file most likely.
What is the value of that variable?

What did you do when you changed it?
Did you recreate the containers? Restarting containers is not enough.

You can recreate containers by running

docker-compose up -d server

(command example for this specific case)

The version is defined in the .env file. Click on Screenshot_env link. It’s 2022.3.0.
Before I recreate the installation I remove the containers and volumes.

Can you check your browser developer console (you might need to check the preserve logs option) for errors?
I once had something similar where some domain related cookie issues caused a similar sounding issue.

Here is the output of the console after clicking the submit button of create account.

There are 2 cookies:

  • same-site-authenticity-token
  • i18next

Can you see any errors in the console tab of it (do make sure to preserve the log)?

There are no messages in the console tab, otherwise I would have mentioned it.