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I’m looking for a possibility to develop a web app using Corteza Low-Code Platform. I’ve managed to create a new namespace for the app and an end user who can login and access this app. But the app still looks like a part of a bigger platform with the app selector in the menu and with the 6-dots-icon to switch to the main dashboard.

Is there a possibility to give an end user a feeling that they use just one app from one namespace? I mean is it possible to remove all the ui controls mentioned above that would allow a user to leave the app namespace?

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At the moment it is not possible to disable UI elements like that.
We were discussing something similar, but its not on the timeline yet.

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Use RBAC to prevent access to any other namespace other then the one you wish your users to access. Not ideal but we have done this before.
  • Fork the project and adjust the UI to your needs.
  • Create a custom webapp that uses Corteza as a back-end; you can use corteza-js and corteza-vue to speed up the development
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hi @Simeon,

Thanks for reaching out.

@jfortun please see this - as I know you plan to work on some configurations of the toolbar shortly, perhaps this is also something to consider (making the 6-dots icon configurable from the admin application)?

@Simeon - creating a new role and adjusting the permissions to grant access to the Namespace, but not to the list of applications seems like the most straightforward way to handle this. We need to validate though if we actually hide the 6-dot icon in such a case, or it’s still there but shows an empty app list (cc @jfortun).

Cheers, Mia

@mia.arh @tjerman Thank you very much for your comments and hints! I think automatic hiding of namespace switching ui controls based on a single namespace access right would be the best and the most logical option.

In the 2022.3.x version the static UI elements (topbar, sidebar) will be more configurable from the Admin Area

Is it somehow possible to redirect a user directly after the login?
It would still not feel like an app if someone has to login and the next thing to do would be to select the only available app.

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This is how it’s done in Appian; in the Administration settings, the user role (groups) are assigned to the Namespace, and directly jailed in there after logged in. This could be a great feature request.

Prompt handling was added to Corteza One, so in version 2022.3.3 you can use the redirect prompt with an after login trigger.