Static files and storage

Hello there

How to configure Corteza to store static files on the cloud? … I know Corteza supports but our cloud storage is not MinIO.

so I wonder if there is a current native solution for that or if there is a plan to improve data storage in Corteza?


Minio is an interface to different cloud storage providers. Configure it to the one you wish to use.

it seems I need to read more about MinIO!

as for planning for future redesign or improvements are there any?

Is there anything specific you’d like to see?
We’re planning on redoing how attachments are stored and managed, but we’re not yet sure how or when.

as I understand you’re working on physical schema so the record’s relationship would be changed on 2022.9 … would that anyhow affect the storage ?

Storage of attachments? Probably not, but it might add to how it is right now; can’t provide a better answer on the spot, sorry.

hey @tjerman, could direct me to an article or any resource on how to do that?

or is there a managed service for that?

Minio’s documentation should have everything you need to know.
From Corteza’s side, it should be just some .env options.

Do keep in mind that Minio is deprecating their gateway feature.

exactly that’s why I asked.
since it’s deprecating, the gateway solution wouldn’t work for me
should I deploy a MinIO cluster ? or you have a better idea!
also, what are the common approaches in Corteza community?