Strftime() %b format returns '000'

I’m trying to get the 3-letter abbreviation for the month using the %b formatting argument for strftime(), but I get three zeroes as the return. Is there an issue here?

Can you post the full expression you are using?

strftime(dateField, “%d %b %Y”)

I’m aiming for something like “24 Mar 2024”. What I get is “24 000 2024”.

I think this might be a bug. %B returns Month successfully, but %b returns 000. Maybe run with %B or %m as a workaround?

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What database are you using?
Is this on workflows?

We use a Postgres DB. I used @colby.ritter expression in a workflow, setting a value in a txt field

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Interesting… %b should do what you wanted it to be so it looks like an easter egg…
Refer to here

I’m using postgresql as well, and yes, this is happening in workflows.

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use the workaround @mark suggested for now

I used this:

strftime(dateField, “%d”) + " " + substring(strftime(dateField, “%B”), 0, 2) + " " + strftime(dateField, “%Y”)

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