Switch user interface language?

Is it possible t switch UI language like wordpress does here?

Hello @Warenix, welcome to Corteza :wink:

Currently, it’s not possible to switch between languages.
We’re including static text as translation strings, so technically, it’s possible to translate them directly in the .js files (for example corteza-webapp-compose/compose.js at 2021.6.x · cortezaproject/corteza-webapp-compose · GitHub) if you need Corteza in any other language than English.

We’ll start working on internationalization improvements shortly, and the language switcher is planned to be released at the end of September.

May I ask for more details on what you’re looking for - which languages you want to support, do you need translations only for static text or configurable as well? Any concrete use case will help us understand better requirements of our users.

Cheers, Mia

Hello @mia.arh ,

language support is important for my use case as well. We are evaluating Corteza to be used in digital insurance as a foundation for a management system.

A few considerations:

  • language switch would be ideal (or maybe per logged on user language preference). Until that happens we can also default on a per instance language setting (start the server with a specific language)

  • RTL languages are important: hebrew, arabic. For this the UI would be prepared to show the texts with the right orientation and input fields would allow RTL language input

  • ideally one would be able to add translations for fields, records, descriptions, modules, pages, so for example on a module for each field to be able to add different display names for different language so that it would be displayed properly based on the current language.

Based on this, may I ask if you planned to have support for RTL languages in September?

Thank you, Adi

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Hi @ami,

Thanks for reaching out.

Language switch will be indeed based per-user. The admin will set the default language which will load after the first log in, but every user will have an option to change it in their profile settings.

What you described in your last comment is what we call “configurable content”, so everything that’s not part of the static UI (which is the same for every Corteza instance), but can be defined by an administrator/maintainer of the system (module names, field titles, page titles, block titles and descriptions, etc.). We definitely plan to cover that as well. I’ll have a better plan (and some designs) ready in the following weeks and I’ll let you know what is the feasable scope for the upcoming release.

Regarding RTL support - initially, we were advised to wait and not rush it for the September’s release. It’s not only a question of the text alignment, but also flipping the UI (but again - not the whole UI :)). We don’t want to underestimate the requirement and to be honest - we don’t have in-house experience, so we would appreciate a native consultant to advise.

Since you have a clear need for the RTL support, can you maybe put us in touch with someone who’ll be able to point us in the right direction and help us understand where is the complexity?

Thanks, Mia