System user and namespace module record linking and integration?


I need your expert advice on how I could approach this requirement.

I’d like to link a module to the system users, would that be possible?

Once a user logs in to Corteza, it will check if it has already paid for membership. If not, redirect the user to another page and fill up a form.

Thanks in advance!

Yes – Field Type Reference :: Corteza Docs

You can use a workflow to perform the check and then use a prompt to redirect.

I’m not entirely sure what you use to check if the user has paid or not, but I’d imagine you’re using a record or an external API.

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hi @tjerman

can I add User handle/namespace on my trigger on the workflow?

I want to add a membership type field on my module and add a workflow automation that checks on this field if it has a value. In order to do this, I need to use the User for checking, before/after login, on the record link between the two modules - system user and membership module.

PS: Sorry, I’m not good at explaining things haha

You can see all of the constraints and initial scope variables the trigger defines in the trigger configuration side panel. For the before/after login, IIRC, you get the entire user object so you should have the user handle there. And the namespace, shouldn’t be there, but you can hard-code it in a function/expression step.

What you could consider, if it simplifies things, is to define a user module on your namespace which would serve as a little interface between system users and your other modules.

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Thank you so much!

I now have here on my workflow:
Trigger (Resource = System User, Event = afterCreate, User handle = userID) → Debug → Terminate

But , I still get ‘user not found’ on testing.

Where did I go wrong?

What do you mean by this?