Task/Event Filtering

With the current, out the box set up It is not immedietly evident which leads on the CRM have events/tasks etc associated with them

I have tried messing around with sql queries but no joy

Is there a way to display leads/acounts etc which do not currently have an open task or event set up against them

Working with a large number of leads it is easy to miss one which can then get lost amoung the crowd.
It would be great if there was a way to determine which leads have no open tasks set but because task and leads are from 2 different modules, the queries to filter dont seem to work

Right now (so, in 2021.3) the best way to report on data from related modules is to store the data needed in a field in the lead and/or account modules. For example, a “has_events” field that can be set to true or false. And then, use a simple workflow to update the value whenever you add or delete an event. Hope this helps.