Time zone anomaly when using date only


I noticed a problem concerning datetime fields when they are “date only” format. CORTEZA 2023.3.4

Here an example :

  • Module 1 : “dateMin”, “dateMax”
  • Module 2 (sub module) : several records (with the field “date”)
  • Page View : block:record-list with a prefilter : date <= ‘${record.values.dateMax}’ AND date >= ‘${record.values.dateMin}’
  • Time zone of the server : UTC +2h

When we use a prefilter (query language) on datetime field on default settings, everything works like expected.

On the other hand, when the date time fields are “date only”, the prefilter switches dates to UTC +0 :

I think this might a be an bug/issue.

test.zip (2.6 KB)


Thanks for reporting it, time zones are always fun!

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