Unable to Add Data to Corteza Platform

I’m unsure why the ‘Add’ button isn’t appearing here to enable data addition into the CRM. only export button available. as you seen in below ss.

Note: I have created a new local setup for exploring Corteza, so I don’t anticipate any permission issues since the first signup is considered an admin


It does look like a permission issue though. The first user is promoted to super admin, so please check if this is the first user. Following users created in the system have a very restrictive set of permissions by default (so, if no role is assigned to them).

You most likely won’t be able to do it with this user, but in the admin area you can see the roles and users in each role.

This is first user still getting this issue.

Hello @ketan23

could you check if this options is enabled in the record list configurator

Where can I find this option? Is it in the admin area? If yes, then I am not able to access the admin area either.

Hello @ketan23,

I don’t think the current user is actually a super admin, that would be the first user registered

This is the only use I have signed up for, and I’ve already attempted to resolve it with a re-setup.

Which installation instructions did you follow? The first user is getting super admin rights automatically.

Can you access the database and see the users you have there?