Unable to change configuration once data is added into a given module

Once we create a module and we add data to the field, we are seeing the fields locked up and you can not change to data type if needed. Do you have any recommendations on how we can change the type or configuration on an existing field once we add data to a given module.

I’ll open up an internal discussion about this as we were talking about providing some thing to allow such modifications after the field is populated.

As far as what you can do about it…

The sane option

Create a new field configured to how you see fit; mark the old field as deprecating by adding some prefix/suffix to the field title.
From there you could either ignore the old field or throw together some automation to migrate the old values to the new field.

The hacky option

Depending on what you need to change you could access the DB and change it in there directly (the module field table is called compose_module_field).
Here is the RDBMS schema definition.
You can refer to the field configurator to see the available options.

CAUTION do make sure to respect the corresponding record value validation/sanitation if you do decide to change the fields manually.

Thank you, that helps

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