Unable to create column data, unable to edit fields?

I’ve created a namespace and then when trying to create the module, I’m having issues creating the fields. I changed the name of the ‘collection’ under data store. I then try to create a single field, ‘firstname’ and then I cannot make it a column. I tried changing the far right box to ‘firstname’ and then changing it to column, but it didn’t work that way either.

I need a table to output the list of people so it can be exported in plain text and imported into other databases. It wont let me save any field into anything except for JSON.

Could not save this module: failed to complete transaction: cannot modify firstname. Changing physical schemas is not yet supported

Also, I’m not quite sure what this text means under the fields.

Configure how record fields are stored and read from the database. Default behaviour is to encode values into JSON and store them in a single field. Alternatively you can use columns with the same name as the field name (Column) or use an Alias and store the value directly in the column.

Is (Column) a value I can use in a field or ? So could I go

First Name Column (Column)
First Name JSON (Column)

Because the default is

First Name JSON values

but what does that mean? Should I replace that last text box, ‘values’ with the short name of the field? I’m not sure how this is seen in the export, because I haven’t figured out how to do that yet.

I’m looking for just a standard export of data so I can use it in other places.

I’m trying to use this as a ‘Call Log’ for callers. So callers would open this up, see a list of their clients, and then be able to see details of those clients and add notes. Then I could export that log of actions and details into a table, import that into Excel. I have government regulations about handing the data over to regulating agencies so it needs to go out in an easy to read format.

It seems to me that creating a field that maps to a column in the database will be troublesome when changing the schema. I have similar problems but still haven’t received an answer. Apparently, changing the schema is not fully supported unless the encoding field type is JSON.