Unify plateform


we where surprised to notify that in the last version of Corteza 2021.9 the Unify plateform is no more available.

Is this project cancelled?

Hi @b.rayene,

Oh no, not at all! :slight_smile: Quite the opposite - 2021.9 makes Corteza better than ever :wink:

It is indeed true we changed the architecture slightly and moved away from “Unify tabs” on top and are now opening all the applications in a browser tab directly. Perhaps this caused confusion?

Please let me know if you have any further questions/concerns.

Cheers, Mia

Thank you for your prompt response but still there is a huge differnce between the two aproches. In the first one the applications where openned in the same page sharing the same screen so the one ho was working on a topic was able to share messages or participate in a videocall at the same time keeping the eyes on the overall context.

By the way, the channels messaging application is missing. Kindly advice.

Thank you by advance