Unique field in low-code


I tried to find an answer in many places, including documentation and here but it seems that nobody is using unique fields in one’s database structure. :grinning:

What is the conventional way to provide unique records?

I saw some examples that it’s doable by workflows, but honestly, it seems a very complicated way to me to simply avoid not unique entries.

Embarrassingly enough the… requirement for unique fields just recently crossed our minds… so Corteza doesn’t yet natively support it.
We will be adding it, but for now, define a simple workflow if you need to assure unique values.

@mia.arh do we have a timeline on when we would be adding this? I would assume the next major release?

I saw a function “IsUnique”, so I thought that this feature already exists.

Thanks for the reply! At the time being, I’ll try with a workflow.

Hi @sashker,

You’re right - we’ve been working on it, but didn’t complete the implementation and never properly tested it. You can expect it to be covered in the upcoming main release (2022.3).

Cheers, Mia

Thanks, @mia.arh

Could you, please, tell me if there is something like public Jira/Github or some other place where I can check open tickets or/and roadmap?
Maybe, I can help with some tasks.

@sashker, sorry to disappoint you, but we currently don’t have anything like that in place; we’re using Trello internally, where we’re aggregating suggestions/bug reports from all existing channels (forum, Github, support…), but that’s it. Please don’t hesitate to open a pull request; we’ll be more than happy to review and accept your contribution!

Please confirm if this has been implemented in 2022.3? I am not able to see it and want to ensure I am looking at this correctly. Thank you!

Not as of now. The feature is in progress.
@chandimaj can you write down the progress/timeline for this?

Hi, This feature is planned to be included in the 2022.9 release.

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