Update record's field from the workflow without user permissions

I have some fields in the module for which I explicitly disabled Update rights for the users. However, I would like to update those fields from the Workflow, but because workflow has the same permissions as user that invoked it, this is not possible. What is the suggested approach here? Should I change the Run as field on the workflow to Administrator? Or is there a possiblity to temporarily elevate user’s permissions (e.g. for specific block)?
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What we generally recommend doing is:

  1. create a new user dedicated to running that automation (or a set of)
  2. give just enough permissions to the newly created user to cover your needs
  3. set the run as workflow parameter to that newly created user.

You can reuse existing users, but it is generally safer to use the longer approach.

Additionally, for some cases, you could use contextial roles to implement things like only the record owner can update the record, or only the record creator can delete the record

Ok, thank you for prompt reply :smiley: