Upgrading to latest version

Still having issues upgrading to the newer version of Corteza

I was wondering, would using an app like Portainer make the management of the container any easier?

No experience with it. What kind of management?

@darh to be honest, Im not sure, just struggling to figure out where the issue lies with the upgrade, I am still getting caught in the Auth loading loop

I have no experience with portainer either but I have seen a lot of people mentioning that it helps make container management easier

Have you tried using a different browser? Is it a local storage or cookie issue?

Did you set VIRTUAL_HOST and AUTH_BASE_URL properly?

@adammarshall yeah I hive tried different browsers and also different devices.

My virual host is set to - https://subdomain.domain.co.uk
Authbase URL I have tried various, currently and most often - https://subdomain.domain.co.uk/auth