URL field-type - display it as a short label and not as a long URL string


Inside the documentation you have mentioned that - " A field of type URL is represented as a label or a clickable link when it is being viewed (depending on the configuration)"
Field Type Reference :: Corteza Docs

I would like to display the URL field as a label and not as a long URL string so, please, where should I configure this behavior? (what configuration parameter should I change ?)

Thank you very much.

Every configuration option that is available is in the field configurator for the respective field.
Click the :wrench: icon next to the field, click the URL input tab. There you’ll see a couple of options that you can configure to display the URL as you would like.

Those same options are a couple of lines below in the documentation you linked.

Thank you for your prompt answer.

Indeed, I saw the configuration area you pointed out (next to the URL field), even I had a look to see the available options, but none of them could be associated with the label concept.

When I read the documentation I understood (my bad) that the URL can be effectively displayed as a “label”. So, in my mind was something like “key / value” where key = label and value = url string.