Use custom web app build in docker

i want to use the custom webapp compose build in docker,
how can i replace the existing build of docker ( web app compose) build with my custom generated build.


Hi @nad ,

you can check how we do it for server, client and bundle all together on the github actions:

build process:

hello @peter

thanks for the reply.
I am new to docker and corteza , I am finding it hard to use them what you shared.
I have setup the corteza based on given instruction from docker documentation of corteza.
Further i downloaded the vue code of corteza compose and added some customizations and prepare its build its working fine on server but i want now to merge this build in existing docker so that compose web app that i customized and build and all corteza app that is working in docker work on same port.

Hi @nad,

we currently have limited resources for custom support requests like yours.

We appreciate your questions and quest for further knowledge, maybe someone from the community will take the time to share something here.