Use username instade of email

is it possible to use username to login in place of email ids?
Also if it possible to have multiple accounts with same email id?

Not at the moment. Email is the only way.
There are some legacy fields in data structures but are ignored.
Maybe we’ll make this configurable someday.

No. Emails are unique.

Thanks. It will open up a lot of use cases if there is a configuation to use username or email.

Out of curiosity, could you name a few use cases? I can’t seem to find any real (?) use cases besides giving the option to use one or the other.

From top of the head, incase someone want to implment phone number as login in place of email, in that case people can use the username as a workaround.

@tjerman, hello again

any progress for this case?

Unfortunately no.
@mia.arh do we have this on a timeline yet?

hi, nope, we don’t have this planned yet. Honestly, we didn’t get another request to manage it, so it stayed the same. I believe there are also some architectural implications and we’re counting on the email being a unique identifier, hence this doesn’t seem like a trivial change.

In any case, we’d like to hear more use cases and potential reconsider.

Cheers, Mia

Hello, here’s my opinion on that subject. Authentication with the username is better because one user can have more usernames with different user rights. For example, one username is for a regular user while the second username is for administration of application. Or for example, the developer can have twenty usernames just for testing purposes, however, it is better than opening twenty email accounts :wink:

BTW I’m coming from Oracle APEX and usernames are much better for authentication, especially for one man band testing.

Just my five cents :slight_smile:



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hey @mia.arh count one more request from my side

our case is that we have sales promoters which they provided by 3rd party, so we don’t want to create an email for them(and they don’t have emails) because they replaced many times by the 3rd party.
what we ideally should do, is automatically create an arbitrary username with minimal permissions and give it to the promoter, these users are short-lived and they will be deleted once the promoter got replaced by the 3rd party

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