Used but get localhost/auth after clicking login


Oky so I have been very frustrated with the installation of the production instance so i decided to purchase a “” instance and pre-install docker with docker-compose and then installed nginx proxy manager and after that on my instance.

From the portainer side I have logged in and created a new docker container pulling the image automatically from docker hub.

After it has installed the container finished, I tried pointing my browser to my IP address followed by the corteza port portainer has created for me, I then successfully get to the page that says “HEY How are you? Thank you for stopping by,
here is what you can do:” and theres a login button and documentation but when I click on the login button it takes me to http://localhost/auth when I click on it and displays " This site can’t be reached"
What is the “auth” url i should see after clicking login or what am i doing wrong here?

Can you check your config (env vars, .env file).
Did you set the DOMAIN variable?

More info: Corteza Server :: Corteza Docs

Where do i change that?

Usually in the .env file (or docker-compose.yaml – depends on your setup)

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Thanks for your reply @darh

Can you please give me an example of your working .conf and docker-compose.yaml in the nginx folder and also the .env and docker-compose.yaml contents in the my-Corteza folder, with some dummy content where i should put my domain name and change to my own settings etc so i can then just run docker-compose up -d for both those folders.

So i know the setup is correct. Then i just need to learn how to fix up my dns, namesersers and study how to use nginx to point to the correvt container.

If you would kindly help me with this if its not too much trouble please.