Using corteza in E-commerce

Hello. I created an online store on magento 2 and am looking for a simple CRM system that will grow along with the business. I liked Corteza, but it’s too young a platform. Does anyone currently use Corteza in e-commerce? Can I integrate an online store via the API? :zap:

If you need to pul data from Corteza, you can use the REST API.

If you need to pull data into Corteza, you can either define an automation script, or a workflow that will pool the Magento API. If you wish to use webhooks, you can use a sink route.

If you have any concrete examples of what you wish to achieve/see, please share them and we will see how we can make that experience nicer.

Hello. I think that using low code it is impossible to create an integration of an online store with a warehouse. There must be a separate warehouse and sales module. As in a similar project written in golang

What is possible and what is not depends on your exact use case, but Corteza provides an open REST API, an automation facility and a flexible low code platform that let you tailor it to your needs. If you need an inventory management system you can extend the existing CRM, or build one from scratch.

@Lenny perhaps this is a conversation for you to take over?