Using the Compose Records Search function

I’m trying to get a Compose Record as a resource to use in my workflow, but I seem to be having some trouble using it once I get it. Here’s what I’ve got on the diagram:

I try to access the resulting record (named currentRankRecord) using the expression that immediately follows the function, but it doesn’t want to work. I’m trying to pull currentRankRecord.values.memberRankEffectiveDate with the expression, but I get this:

Am I missing something?

Since the error happens in the expression, that’s what you need to share.
From the error it seems you’re trying to add int values, when they should be strings.

I’m not trying to add anything - I’m just trying to get a date off of the record:

Does the record search function return things in an array, by any chance?

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Yes, they’re in an array. You can use the find by ID (or lookup, forgot what it’s called) to get just the one off the bat. Else, just pick it from the array.