Vertical vs horizontal menu

I’ve seen videos of people showcasing Corteza CRM with horizontal menus, for instance here:

This is obviously an old video (3 years old, yep) as it showcases One and Messaging.

Still, the idea of having apps in tabs and the app’s menu on a horizontal bar is quite appealing. I can’t find a setting to configure this.
Am I missing something?

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Hi @JFQueralt.

We removed the horizontal menu because it made for poor mobile/responsive UX and changed to a vertical menu bar.

However, Page Block Tabs are being introduced: Add support for Compose page block tabs [PlanID:2023.3/8/2.6] · Issue #452 · cortezaproject/corteza · GitHub

Hope this helps.


Yes, I suspected something along those lines and it does make sense in that regard.

I saw the Page Block Tabs issue a few days ago and look forward to see how it looks like when released.