WebSocket connection failing with Nginx issues in the Online Deployment process

I am currently setting up the Corteza Online setup process following the instructions provided in your documentation. (Links referred)

I managed to proceed with setup and when attempting to start the front end I am able to log in but after login only a blank page is displayed with below mentioned error.
It is an issue related to web socket connectivity.
The nginx version I have used is nginx/1.18.0 (Ubuntu).

Error encountered: WebSocket connection to ‘ws://localhost:8080/api/websocket’ failed:
value @ build.js:1 (Refer to the error screenshot )

I followed the instructions in your documentation that refer to the WebSocket connection failing with Nginx. As suggested in your documentation I enabled Nginx WebSocket proxying as mentioned.(Source Link)

Updated file (located in my environment inside /etc/nginx/ directory), added the following lines to the server configuration section; But currently the nginx.conf does not have a server block as mentioned. The server block is currently available in the default configuration file. The default file is added as an import into the nginx. conf.
(Refer to the configuration details added)

Would someone in this forum be able to suggest what other follow-up actions may be required to fix this WebSocket connection failure scenario encountered?

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