What is the main focus/major use case of Corteza?

Hi guys,

I want to build an online tutor booking system(including a native Android and IOS app) using low-code development tools and find Corteza seems to match our requirements. Seems Corteza can connect to existing databases (Mysql) and provide API, security framework, on-premise deployment, provide some customization if needed. I was wondering what kind of major use case Corteza is suitable for. For example, I still cannot find whether there is any method I can authenticate as a user using API (not auth as Auth Client). Thanks a lot!

Seems the following URL may help, but I cannot actually set it up. Does anyone has luck ?

Hello @kkkelvinkk,

Check this out for offline deployment

@KVAE Thanks a lot, I have setup the corterza docker. However, I still cannot find the API Endpoint that can authenticate as a user (not auth as OAuth2 Client).