When to use sink routes and when to use integration gateway

There seems to be overlap between the two features.

Additionally, am I able to provide a dynamic response with integration gateway (e.g. failed/success)? Or must it be static?

Hi Shmuel,

They definitely do have an overlap. The integration gateway can be seen as the UI configurable sink route function.
I believe we have quite a few improvements to the feature that should allow for responses on the endpoints, please see link1 and link2 for GitHub repos.

Please note this is still in development.

Kind regards

@AndreB , thanks for the clarrification! It looks like this work is scheduled for 2023.3.x

Yeah I must say the timing is a little unfortunate. However, we are seeing these updates often come into 2023.3-dev releases. I see I missed a whole new thread on this and looks like it has been merged.