Where are page blocks data stored in the db

I’m working to track down an issue related to page layouts and I’m unable to find the config for the page blocks on a page layout.

I see, in MySQL, the compose_page and compose_page_layout tables. For this particular page layout, the blocks field contains tons of entries like the example below. However, I have not been able to find another table that actually includes the blockID, or tempID, that shows me the config/metadata for the individual blocks. What table is that data stored in?

“blockID”: “97”,
“meta”: {
“hidden”: false,
“tempID”: “tempID-yf8wx1lvihlpms1fzo”

The ultimate issue I’m working through is an error I’m getting when trying to view the record page for a module, connected to an external db, where I changed the reference to the id system field. After changing the field the id is set to, the record page now refuses to open. I wanted to see if there was still some reference to the old id alias.

Keep getting this error when trying to view a record from the module:

“Could not load record: could not get value for primary key “new_id_key_name”: missing”

Thank you.

Corteza: 2023.3.8
Corteza’s DB: MySQL

The blocks are part of the compose_page.

Regarding the actual issue, pretty sure it has to do with external databases.
So you’re gonna have to be more specific or even open another question where someone might be able to help.

Also i suggest upgrading to the latest version since 2023.3 does not have possible bug fixes that would fix your problem.