Where is the dedup dev?

I need to build an app that works on some messing dedup - no unique identifiers - and would like to pay attention and contribute to the upcoming duplicate detection but Im not finding the issues or discussions. Any one point me in the right direction?

We have one particular dedup problem that I think we are going to end up doing a round of probabilistic entity resolution, followed by matching to known authoritative sources, 3rd party profile enrichment on the misses, and finally a deterministic entity resolution with the unique identifiers.

I am hopping the UX around your built-in duplicate detection (which I am assuming requires existing unique identifiers) can be extended to with a workflow and external services or something along those lines.

@chandimaj and @vicky can you guys provide some more insight into how exactly this will work and look like?

I’m a bit out of the loop on this one so I’ll need some backup :eyes: