Why after docker-compose down lost configuration

Why when stop my docker i must conmfigure corteza again and i lost data in db?

docker-compose stop and docker compose start

docker-compose down will destroy your local installation and the db will be lost.

if you add:
ports: [ “” ]
to the db section of your docker-compose.yaml, you can connect mySQL workbench to your database (on port 3307) and back it up.

Correct, the container is destroyed and the containing data is lost.

Apart from the @adammarshall 's suggestion, you can define a volume to store the DB data on the server’s local filesystem.

Adding volumes: [ "./data/db:/var/lib/mysql" ] under services > db in the docker-compose.yaml should do the trick.

The same applies to attachments; add volumes: [ "./data/server:/data" ] under services > server in the docker-compose.yaml

The above assumes that you’ve setup the file structure as described in the documentation (DevOps guide :: Corteza Docs)

I’ll make one of us document this part better.