Worflow error while using trigger with resource as "System User" and event "afterCreate" and "beforeCreate"

Worflow error while using trigger with resource as “System User” and event “afterCreate” and “beforeCreate”. The error is a follows:

failed to resolve: unable to create User: unable to cast type map[string]interface {} to *types.User

screencapture-fintech-bizio247-com-1621262246700 (1)

Any idea how to solve this?

Thank you for reporting this; one of us will look into fixing it.

In case we need any extra context:

  • are you on the latest patch version?
  • what other steps do you have on the workflow? Can I see a screenshot of it?
  • if you change it to before create, does it work?

Hi thanks for replying.

I am using version 2021.3.4. I think the patch is 3352102
I do not have anything else except the trigger.
For both beforeCreate and afterCreate has the same error.

Bump. Any progress one this one?


I’m looking into it now; if all goes to plan, it will be fixed with the next patch release (sometime this week)

I can’t seem to be able to reproduce this error.

Can you give me a step-by-step list to reproduce this? I’ve tested by manually creating a user, and by registering the user – all went through ok.

Judging from the screenshot, there are/were some other steps on the workflow in question. Could you export the workflow so I can see if there are any (let’s call them) artefacts in the configuration file.
If you’re using the latest version, go under the workflow settings and click on export.

I have created an Admin user.

In worflow I have only added trigger with resource as “System User” and trigger as “BeforeUpdate”, I dont have any Constraints, then added a prompt to show the userid.

Please check the exported workflow link below. I couldnt upload it here so providing a download link below:


Hope this helps.

@sourav.mukherjee could you please send this via a GitHub gist or Pastebin?

This issue is still there in version 2021.3.6 . I did a fresh install and I was able to reproduce it.