Workflow error, not allowed to execute this workflow

I create a workflow that inserts some data from another module during update. If I enable the wrokflow I get an error “not allowed to execute this workflow” but if I disable the workflow then it runs without issue. Please help

One thing you should note is that when you define a before create/update trigger and modify the data related to the record (its parameters), the new version of the record will be used.
The explicit “Update record” step is not needed.

Important a workflow step can trigger other workflows, as well as itself. For example; if a workflow with an “on update” trigger explicitly updates the record it was triggered for, the system will cycle. As of the latest Corteza version, the Workflow will try to error out if “the workflow gets out of control”.

From the flow you’ve described, I’m assuming that the trigger and the “Save Symbol” function are referring to the same thing and there is some strange interaction going on. It might work when you remove the function.

You are right. It was my fault. It was invoking an infinite loop. It worked after I removed it. Thanks

Was this on the latest version; 2021.3.4? This one should help to prevent these cycles.

Yes this was on 2021.3.4. So during the time I had the save step in the workflow and I tried to save a record from the UI, the Ui did prompt something like stack overflow error.

Now I have removed the save function and everything works fine.