Workflow error while creating new record

I am trying to build a simple workflow to automatically create a new record after creation of another record in the main module.

The modules I have now is as follows:
1- Printing order (Main module)
2- Request confirm
What I need to do, is to create a record in the Requests confirm whenever there’s a new record created in the printing order module.

Below is the workflow screenshot, and whenever I try to click on the button to trigger the workflow, I receive the following error
“Could not execute automation: workflow 324648810976378882 step 14 execution failed: cannot cast value string to ComposeRecord (target record): unable to create ComposeRecord: unable to cast type string to *types.Record”

Can anyone help please ?


Please double-check your expression toggle on the record create,
see attached below.

Let us know if this was the issue :slight_smile:

Kind regards

Yeah, it solved the problem, thanks a lot.

But if I may ask, when do I need to check this field and when not ?

Expressions are when using variables or code-like statements.