Workflow ID in Integration gateway

Is there any way can get workflow instance id in response of Postfiltering filter of integration gateway?

Hi, this is not possible atm, but you can create a feature request (it will be currently treated as low prio) via Issues on the github repo or create a pull request if you manage to add it yourself.

The only way I could think of would be via an ugly hack:

  • create a wrapper workflow that would receive the request
  • call a subworkflow (your proper original workflow)
  • right after the subworkflow is called, fetch the action log like this one:
  • you can use the resource and action params and limit to 1
  • you can fetch the workflow.ID from the result of the action fetch
  • put the workflowID to a variable
  • use that variable in the Response postfilter

Do note this is an untested idea, if you have many workflows running in a second, there is a chance that you might get a wrong workflow ID in there (if there is a workflow that completed between the subworkflow step and action fetch).

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