Workflow Integration

Hello hope this finds you well.
I have been following the following examples in the documentation but nothing is working and I am really starting to get annoyed:

All I want to do is make a simple API endpoint that I can parse a Lead ID into and it will convert the lead into a opportunity. The documentation is unclear and I am very confused with all the different terms. If anyone can help it would be appreciated.

Have you started with an integration gateway, /admin/system/apigw, that is associated to a workflow? That workflow will have a trigger with the ‘System Sink’ as a resource.

You’ll want to start here and just verify that yes, they are linked up and the workflow fires when the API endpoint is hit with the appropriate http method.

Hi I followed this:

To setup intergration gateway.

I am unsure what you mean by saying:
“That workflow will have a trigger with the ‘System Sink’ as a resource.”

In the above reply the first screenshot is what your trigger configuration should look like (on the workflow)

The second screenshot in on the integration gateway page in admin area.
You’ll have to define a route with the POST method.