Workflow log function doesn't work


For some reason, I cannot see the log from the Log function in the main log, though I played a lot with .env parameters.

My installation of 2021.9 is running on docker containers and my .env file includes:


# Use nicer and colorful log instead of JSON


# Set to true to see where the logging was called from.
# Disable for production.

but I only see debug messages from the server.


I can confirm this behavior.


Thanks for reporting this, we’ll let you know when it’s fixed.

Cheers, Mia

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Solved and available in 2021.9.x and 2022.3.x version branches.
If you use pre-build/docker instance you’ll have to wait for the next (dev/patch) release.

Let me past the snippet of the comment from the code with more info:
// With LOG_DEBUG=true you’ll see all log levels from these functions.
// With debug logging disabled and LOG_LEVEL set on error, warn, info or debug, you’ll filter out
// logging by verbosity:
// error will show
// and with LOG_LEVEL=error on you’ll just see logged errors
// while LOG_LEVEL=info will show info, warn and error but ignore debug.

Thank you

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Thanks a lot!
Looking forward to test it